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For over 30 years, Goony Golf in Lake George, NY, has offered some of the most outrageous and spectacular miniature golfing adventures ever concocted by man.  

Adults $7.50    Children $6.50

The Course:
  • Mad Hatter
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Cinderella's Carriage
  • Silly Bear
  • Gator
  • Sir Goony's Castle
  • Spook's Palace
  • Tentacle Timmy
  • Goonysaurus
  • Wise Ol' Owl
  • Hickory Dickory Clock
  • Pirate ship
  • Snake
  • Peppermint Island
  • Goony Bird
  • Leapin' Lena
  • Windmill
  • Old Lady's Shoes
  • Snake Pit

There's a castle fortress which can only be penetrated by a clever golf putter.  There are waterfalls that sprout blue colored waters onto the cool lily-pads of a large toad.  The elves seem to live in peace with the rather large amphibian, and even allow the creature over for 'tee' once in a while.  Black Beard the Pirate lets children set on his lap for a rest between holes.  Giant windmills play goalie against your best shots.  What are you waiting for?  A thirty foot pirate ship?  A gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex from which to putt a ball through his long reptilian legs?  We've got it!

"On a trip to Lake George, New York, my wife and I introduced our daughters, Greta, age 5, and Cordelia, 7, to the world of mini golf. We chose Goony Golf, which has a vintage, wacky appeal. The girls were hooked from stroke one. In fact, the hardest part was getting them to slow down and let everyone finish a hole before moving on to the next. Cordelia was on fire! Greta enjoyed the game, too, but what really got her going were the chipmunks- real ones- darting in and out of the holes. At the end of the course, there was the classic "win a free game with a hole-in-one" deal, and I nailed it! Who knows if and when we'll redeem the free game, but the card looks great in our scrapbook."

Brent, Massachusetts


Goony Golf
Corner of Rte 9N & Rte 9
Lake George, NY 12845

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